Maximize your impact. Invest in your team.

Strong Teams Fuel Organizational Growth

What makes a successful team? The answer may surprise you.

Research shows that the way team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions impact innovation and organizational achievement more than individual skills, degrees, or abilities.

We teach teams a better way to work

Individual training builds skills. Traditional team-building boosts morale. But neither offers the training teams need to work together productively. What’s the solution? Consider the Adaptive Approach.


A documented system in place and common language for defining and managing projects.



A supportive environment that fosters collaboration, communication and a cross-functional mindset.



Sustainable Impact

The Adaptive Approach uses proven Agile practices that result in 3 times more successful projects.

Team training is more than trust falls

Adaptive Capacity offers training in our unique blend of Design Thinking methods and Agile practices to transform a group of employees into a strong, collaborative team that can complete successful projects and work effectively through the unexpected.


Teams that can collaborate can innovate

Successful collaboration paves the way for innovation, the most critical characteristic of a successful organization.

Wicked Problems.

Our methods and tools help teams solve complex problems that don’t have clear answers.

Self-Managing Teams.

Our training offers a clear process that builds team accountability, communication, and transparency.

Engaged Employees.

Teams that know how to work well together are more committed to their work, and by extension, the organization at large.

Our Service Offerings

Adaptive Capacity is a professional development consultancy. We train teams, coach individuals, and offer strategic business consulting using our unique approach to collaboration, project design, and project management. 



Our practical, interactive Workshops will help your team understand our approach and begin applying principles to their work. Choose from these topics:

  • Practical Design Thinking
  • Tackling Wicked Problems
  • Collaboration Basics
  • Intro to Digital Tools
  • Your Own Adaptive Capacity
  • Change Management

Team Training

We offer two training packages: Collaborative Project Management and Foundations of Project Design.

We teach teams the skills, methods, and habits to work successfully in collaboration, and then help them apply these principles to plan a new project, manage an existing project, solve a problem, or seize an opportunity.

Custom Consulting

Put our expertise in project management, collaborative tools, marketing, and technology to work for you! Adaptive Capacity consultants will work alongside your team on a project of your choice, including:

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